Security Services

                                       HIT FIRST, HIT HARD AND KEEP ON HITTING

BLACK COBRA® are the best of the best in security service and are ready to handle just about any crisis. Candidates aspiring to be a BLACK COBRA® are required to be immensely strong both physically and mentally as only less than 10 % of those who are picked up are able to clear the recruitment tests. With exper­tise forged in the worlds most challenging environments, Customized solutions are designed to help clients navigate the complex, sensitive environments in which they operate.

Ready for deployment in any working conditions and works as a close knit team where ever the Police, Paramilitary and the Military is over stretched and needs committed, dedicated team support.  

Today’s changing security climate demands innovative solutions that can be applied in both high-threat and low profile operating environments. BLACK COBRA® works discreetly with clients by providing solutions that foster a smarter, safer security approach based on knowledge and training.

BLACK COBRA® works as a team to promote a culture of integri­ty, excellence, and dignity in everything we do, making us most trusted security partner in the most difficult and complex environment.

BLACK COBRA’s® core is its ability to provide stability and protection to people and locations experiencing turmoil whether caused by armed conflict, epidemics or natural or man made disasters. We have the ability to quickly and efficiently deploy BLACK COBRA® anywhere, to create a more secure environment for our customers. We take pride in our agility, speed and ability to execute.

BLACK COBRA® has tremendous experience providing Executive Protection (EP) Services in all environments. BLACK COBRA® specializes in providing EP to all clients, CEO's, Foreign dignitaries, Celebrities and others. BLACK COBRA™ tailors its cutting edge services to the needs of our client, maximizing the personal safety of the client and their guests. Our Aggressive, Visible, High Profile + low-profile protection focuses on unobtrusive control and leverage of the environment, constant observation, attack recognition and fastest response.

Regular physical endurance tests, is a must to wear a BLACK COBRA® uniform.

Every security person does not become a COBRA™ and every COBRA™ will never be a BLACK COBRA®.

BLACK COBRA® works independent of COBRA™ GUARDS.