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Not everyone qualifies as a COBRA™. Through our hiring process we select only those individuals that meets the standards of our company and the expectations of our clients.

COBRA™ is the first security company in India  where minimum educational qualification for employees is 10th grade pass.


The security industry's strictest supervision standards, enforced by our Officers in Charge, Field Supervisors and Headquarters Management Personnel, provide the very best security possible to our clients. Strong Disciplinary measures for violators.


The sharpest looking uniforms and equipment, together with strict personnel grooming standards, provide a highly professional appearance to residents and the public.

(a) The uniforms are company provided i.e no cost to the security personnel (COBRA™ is the first security company in India to implement this system).

(b) Side caps used by on field security staff of Guards, Supervisors and Officers (COBRA™ is the first in India to introduce side caps in private security industry)

(c) Uniform badges are trademarked (™) so that  the same design shouldn't  be copied by others.

(d) Company provided black leather shoes.

(e) Top quality, imported 3M Mask issued to all security staff deployed in the open area. 


Best pay rates of the industry and agreed timely payment, where the date of payment is fixed for all employees.


A premium pay level, together with an outstanding benefits package and saving scheme, results in one of the lowest turnovers in the industry.

Every COBRA™ who completes 6 months with us is additionally insured for Rs. 5 lac and every BLACK COBRA® for Rs. 12 lac (COBRA™ is again the first security company in India to offer such a facility)

Free education to the children of martyred "BLACK COBRA®", who lay down their lives or are immobilized while in action.


All COBRA™ GUARDS must complete an orientation as a requisite for hire. In addition, while employed with COBRA™ Security all COBRA™ GUARDS can attend additional training courses like first aid/CPR etc.