Security Services


                                                                                   MANNED GUARDING 

                                                                                         NEVER COMPROMISE 

  • Private security persons comprise one of the largest groups of first responders and play and integral role in prevention and crime deterrence. We have carefully and deliberately designed COBRA™ Security from the ground up to ensure experience, dedication and professionalism in these critical first responders. We at COBRA™, continuously utilize best practices to remain knowledgeable of viable innovations to ensure that our clients enjoy the most cost effective techniques in security performance. We understand that making positive first impressions is key to business success.
  • COBRA™ are the most thoroughly screened, best trained and most strictly supervised. More applicants fail than pass our pre-employment tests.
  • We provide both armed and unarmed security, depending on your needs.
  • Our Uniforms are of the highest quality material, designed with a professional approach and suits any climatic condition.