Security Services

                                                                               MOBILE COMMAND UNIT 

  • COBRA™ is the only security service provider that has an emergency mobile command unit. The vehicle is used by the company to assist clients onsite with workplace violence issues, labor strikes, any other emergency and large public events (At a small additional cost).
  • This high-tech vehicle design is professional, seats 6 people, manned by well bodied, physically fit and extra trained COBRA™ and is equipped with two-way radios, cellular phones and crowd and riot control equipment.
  • In addition to offering security officers a better vantage point from which to provide security services, this mobile command unit fills the void, and are committed as "EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAMS".
  • Individuals can even opt for this service so that, help reaches them when they need it most (Businessmen, Individuals, NRI's who need to look after their parents or vacant house in India, Expats, Families, Senior Citizens, Home makers, Single ladies travelling at odd hrs, Office staff working late, Children, Out of town visitors, Late night travelers, Senior Executives, People on late night outings and parties, Companies for all of their employees, Nuclear families, Working parents, People regularly travelling out of town).
  • The vehicle will be parked at a vantage point so that it is easily visible, accessible and will have limited area of operation so that help reaches at the earliest.