Security Services

                                                                                           OUR PHILOSOPHY

COBRA™ Security was formed on the basic premise: to bring a degree  of experience, dedication, commitment, professionalism and transparency in the security industry and give a fair deal to the trained and capable security personnel (These words might sound familiar and somewhere or the other you might have heard it) but the following facts are of the current scenario in the security industry that needs to be pondered upon, by tax paying and ethical business houses.

  • Most of the Security Company owners / CEO's have NIL practical security experience of their own.
  • Many are fly by night operators and corrupt practices are adopted to dupe clients.
  • Submitting false pay slips and not providing reliever for 36-48 hrs is a common practice.
  • New Guards, being forced to sign on higher amount pay slip and being sacked if they object.
  • Cost of Uniforms and accessories are being borne by the security personnel themselves.
  • Most of the security companies do not pay Govt taxes (Including some big names), thereby cheating clients and security staff on their roll, hence you getting a person who is demoralized, low in confidence and prone to malpractices.
  • Many of the Security Companies pay PF for a few security staff and show the same confirmation slip to all the clients, thereby the client getting a impression that the security person deployed at his location is being paid well (e.g. The Security Company has 500 employees and it pays PF and Govt taxes for 50, the confirmation received for these 50 employees is shown to all the clients, where the 500 employees are deployed)
  • It is a common practice for security deployment, with out personnel being trained.
  • Many of the Security Companies do not have stored data of all the deployed security personnel, thereby endangering the safety of the client.
  • It is common for all the deployed security personnel to be clueless of their role or what they need to look for (e.g. They have been told to check bags, Car Trunk, Car Hood and underneath the vehicle but, almost all of them do not have a clue as to, What they need to look for ? How does it look like? What are the tell tale signs that they need to be aware of and look out for?)