Security Services


All Security Personnel are not created equal.

The unkept, the unstable, and the just plain lazy find no haven at COBRA™ Security.

Those we do not weed out in interviews and checks, are eliminate during psychological tests.

Far fewer candidates pass than fail. 

Those that do pass are good. Reliable. Ambitious. And stable.

We have listed our criteria for hiring Security Staff below. Please review them.

Selection Criteria:

  •  Have a high degree of Integrity.  
  •  Be of good moral character.
  •  Be of good physical condition.
  •  Be emotionally and mentally stable.  
  •  Not be a chronic user of alcoholic  beverages.
  •  Have no addiction to habit forming drugs such as narcotics and barbiturates.
  •  Have no convictions for crimes involving moral turpitude or illegal use or possession of a dangerous weapon (Some juvenile records are not considered / taken in to account)
  •  Have no record of discharge from previous employment due to misconduct.
  •  Have a neat and professional appearance.
  •  Have a desire to learn, progress and develop as a security professional.
  •  Be a 10th grade pass for Guard, 12th Grade for Supervisor and Graduate for Officer.
  •  Credit rating check.  
  •  Successfully pass the psychological test.