Security Services


Supervision is an integral part for any successful security program. At Cobra™ Security we believe that great supervision should combine the elements of support, guidance and development. Supervision must be given the education and training to assess and understand each situation, the authority to make the appropriate decision and the support to enforce the decision with the client and the corporate office.


  • Job Performance
  • Uniform: Is it complete?
  • Uniform: Is it neat?
  • Personal appearance  / grooming?
  • Attitude?
  • Job knowledge?
  • Job / Company interest


  • All accounts have access to our 24/7 Field Supervision Team. This Supervision Team is accessible to each COBRA™ GUARD in the field, ensuring that all COBRA™ GUARDS are in compliance with client requests.
  • At COBRA™ Security, we recognize that a oversight or failure on even one security contract can be a costly and dangerous.
  • Our Supervision team performs unannounced inspections round-the-clock. Their inspections will confirm that our personnel are present at their assigned posts.