Security Services

                                                                       TOTAL SECURITY SOLUTIONS

Cobra™ combines the right people, specialized training and the latest technology to provide exceptional security services and responsive support for clients of any size, in any business sector.

Providing you with the right security services answer, means asking the right questions, listening to your needs and then tailoring a solution that gives you peace of mind now and in the future. You won’t get just ANY answer— you’ll get the RIGHT answer. The COBRA™ answer. 

Your program starts with local managers who anchor a team of well-trained COBRA™ GUARDS that monitors and patrols your facilities using the most effective methods and technologies. Continuous reporting and evaluation of security program effectiveness helps manage and guide your solution to deliver results and provide service enhancements when needed. 

Your Total Security Solution Will:

  • Enhance your brand
  • Provide peace of mind
  • Deliver tailored solutions
  • Anticipate, respond and adapt