Security Services

                        REASON FOR USING A CONTRACT SECURITY SERVICE                                               

  • All headaches associated with recruiting, training and supervision of the security staff are assumed by COBRA™ Security.
  • Factors effecting scheduling (e.g., sickness absenteeism, vacations, holidays and special needs) are filled with out problems and without the added overtime costs usually related to work.                                          
  • Fringe benefits are paid by COBRA™ Security.
  • Uniforms and equipment are supplied to the security staff by COBRA™ Security.
  • Insurance, payroll taxes and all administrative costs are assumed by COBRA™ Security.
  • Total costs are generally much lower than the operation of a proprietary force.
  • COBRA™ Security through its management personnel, brings years of specialized experience to bear on client challenges.
  • Our expertise is evident in the surveys and studies we perform prior to the installation of a COBRA™ GUARD. Post orders are prepared by COBRA™ Security and the client, to best serve their security needs.
  • COBRA™ Security through its operations and Quality Control Departments, brings to bear an active supervisory structure.  
  • With contract service, the possibility of collusion or fraternization detrimental to sound security is greatly diminished.  
  • For those companies with out a full time security manager, where the personnel or facility manager operates security with one hand while attending to his primary function with the other, the contract service releases valuable executive time and efforts.    
  • COBRA™ GUARDS may be transferred or replaced upon request by the client for any reason.
  • Scheduling for security can be flexible in order to accommodate client needs.