Security Services


                                                                                                  VEHICLE PATROL

Visibility is a powerful crime deterrent and you also need to keep a check on your offices and plants so that people are on their toes. By their presence alone COBRA™ Patrol can enhance your employees safety.

  • Our patrol services will dramatically reduce break in, vandalism and other crimes against your property, staff, residents and visitors. We at COBRA™ are committed to closing the gap between law enforcement agencies and security services, by providing targetted patrols in your community and business location.(Set Patrol and Random Patrol)
  • Our fleet of patrol vehicles comes equipped with clear visible signage, light bar, GPS tracking, high beam lighting, Two-Way Radio and cellular phone.
  • Our professional, uniformed patrol officers utilize state of art vehicles and reporting tools. We offer Business Patrols, Site Securing, Commercial and Industrial Property Patrols, Construction and Development Site Patrols, On-site Property Patrol Services along with Traffic and Parking Control/Enforcement.
  • Private patrols are an affordable and effective means of establishing and ensuring a safer community for you, your staff, residents and visitors.